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David is a Philadelphia based portrait, headshot and lifestyle photographer.  His ability to seek out and capture raw intimate moments is what defines his style.  He is perhaps best known for his ability to light his images to create bold, dramatic, strong and timeless photography.  


David has been shooting since 1980 over 30 years.  David had realized early on that photography is about light and shadow detail. When you have the ability to control light and shadows you can make incredible images anywhere, anytime.  If he does not have the ambient light he needs to create the ultimate shot he creates it.  The key is making the light look like natural ambient light so that you can’t tell the image was lit.  This is what makes his photography stand-out and pop!  He also realizes the importance of collaboration between the photographer and the client or talent being photographed.  David says the best recognition for him is when people he has photographed tell him what a positive response they have got from their images.   


He's available for projects worldwide and would love to speak with you.

David Freed Photographer
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